Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide

Cover Winter 2014, Outside Magazine Buyer's Guide - Szanto 1201 reviewOutside Magazine Buyer’s Guide – Szanto 1201
Winter 2014-2015
Szanto 1201 “Szanto aims to revive a more gentlemanly era of adventure”

Playboy Style

playboy cover for webSeptember, 2014
Pilot Season
“This fall, strap on an aviator watch for high flying style”
Szanto 1005 is featured in Playboy’s Style section

Szanto Launch

collectionsSince its successful launch in 2013 with 22 distinctive models, Szanto has added 5 new series of “yesterday’s styles for a new generation.” Vintage-inspired designs with classic styling and modern components offer quartz accuracy and affordability.
Welcome to SzantoTime, where everything old is new again.